Long Time Instructional Media Assist, Sue Welence Retires After 12 Years

February, 2012

After 12 years of wonderful service to the students and staff of Olympic High School, Sue Welence decided to retire at the end of the first semester.  Sue was an incredibly hard worker and was responsible for creating many of the innovations that students and staff came to appreciate over the years.  She provided not only a welcoming presence for students in the Library each day, but assisted staff with a wide variety of services that supported their classes and students. 

Sue was the last person our graduates would see as they voted for who they wanted to be Staff Speaker at graduation and stood with her as she blew the 'Graduation Horn', another tradition that began while she was here.   Her talents on the computer made it possible for Olympic to produce student ID's at relatively no cost and she assisted at each Orientation by taking photos of all incoming students.

Sue will be missed and we wish her the best of everything in her retirement.


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