Sgt. Sandra Richardson
17 Years of Service to Olympic High School
June 11, 2012

It is with very mixed emotions that we say goodbye to our long time colleague and friend, Sandra Richardson who is retiring after 17 wonderful years of service to the students and staff of Olympic High School.  While we all wish her well in her retirement, her warm presence and uplifting spirit will most certainly  be missed.

What she has meant to Olympic High School over these many years can be summed up by the words of our former vice-principal, Laurie Clark who wrote the following.

"It is not often in this world that you get to meet someone who is genuinely kind and thinks well of others no matter the situation.  For me this person was Sandra Richardson.  Sandra, Sarge as we know her, is the epitome of a kind heart.  I used to wonder what the military was like for such a gentle soul but I know from watching her with the cadets at school that she commanded respect and the students held her authority in high regard.  During my short time at Olympic, I learned quickly that Sarge was the best person to go to for a ready smile and a kind word about any student showing their 'unique way of getting through school.'  We saw those often, didn't we Sarge?  With a quick word and a unique grasp on the human heart, Sarge made every meeting with her one to look forward to.  Students who may have been skeptical about JROTC came to love it and shined in their own way - one they couldn't have found until being at Olympic.  Sarge was critical to the JROTC team as she often played the 'soft hand' to Colonel Hendon's - well, colonelness.  They were a great balance and a strong team.

Sandra, you have touched my heart in a permanent way and I'm sorry to have to miss this big day for you.  I will continue to hold you dear and pray for an enjoyable retirement.  Whooo-ah!"

Thank you Laurie for your heart-felt words that express how we all feel about Sarge.


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