Full Length Life Size Self Portrait Assignment

The full length life size self portrait is a wonderful experience for advanced students.  The students start with a 9" x 28" maquette which they grid out in a one inch grid, and plot out their full length self portrait using a full length digital photo for reference.  From preparation worksheets they know they need to figure out how many heads high they are, how many heads to their waist, knees, etc.  The students are also given a review series of exercises practicing the proportions of the human head and face.  Students are given a large digital photo of their face close up.  Students are encouraged to explore their own particular features and personality for these portraits.  From the maquette they plot their life size portrait on a three foot by 6 foot piece of heavy duty brown paper with a 2 1/2 inch grid, and then paint it

Portraits are hung in the Mt. Diablo School District Office Board Room every year as well as displayed on this website.  This gives students a great sense of accomplishment and pride, and makes for a wonderful connection with broader public.


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