Dr. Victor DeNoble, Famous Researcher on Teen-Age Addition Visits Olympic

September 29, 2011

Students on the Olympic/Alliance and Crossroads campuses were fortunate to be invited to attend an informative and entertaining presentation by Victor DeNoble, Ph.D., and noted researcher on the biology of addiction. Dr. DeNoble, in very frank terms using slides and exhibits, discussed the extreme addictiveness of nicotine and other drugs most often used by teens today.

Dr. DeNoble’s story of taking on the multi-billion tobacco industry and hearing what his tobacco research revealed was eye-opening. From 1980-1984, Dr. DeNoble was a senior Researcher at Philip Morris Tobacco Company. He performed studies on nicotine addiction and was fired because of what the studies revealed. In 1994, he became the first whistle-blower to begin tearing down the wall of secrecy built by the tobacco industry. Dr. DeNoble was a key witness in the federal government case against the tobacco industry. He as been featured on “60 Minutes”, “Dateline NBC”, “Sunday Morning with David Brinkley” and was the subject of the film “The Insider” based on the events of his life.

Students listened attentively as Dr. DeNoble showed the results of nicotine addition in rats and monkeys using slides and showing a rat brain and the effects of continued use.  Several students stayed after the presentation to meet with Dr. DeNoble and asked him specific questions about his presentation.

Olympic was very fortunate to have Dr. DeNoble at our school and thank him for his continued work in the field of addiction and for his reaching out to students of all ages with his message.  If one person stops smoking as a result of his presentation or thinks about stopping, his efforts will have been totally worthwhile.


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