Artist Chairs Assignment

Advanced Art

The Famous Artist Chairs Assignment

Using Scholastic Art Magazines, resource art books, or the Internet, the students chose an artist (2-dimensional) whose work interested them. They designed and painted a chair that represented at least one painting by that artist, but could include several, or parts of several works. The painting had to be to scale and accurate as to color. Students were to give consideration to the shape of their chair when choosing their artist and the piece(s) they will reproduced. They also had to write a paper on the artist they chose.

The chairs are older recycled chairs, mostly from Urban Ore, a Berkeley store that recycles used items. Some were also donated by teachers and friends. This year, I took the photos you see here to Urban Ore, to show them the results, as they had given me a small discount last year and I needed to ask for a discount again. They were so impressed by the students’ chairs, and a thank you letter to the store, they decided to donate the chairs for this year’s class. We are very grateful to Urban Ore!


Dali Chair Hundertwasser Chair Kandinsky Chair
Peter Max Chair Picasso Chair Siqueiros Chair
Peter Max Chair Picasso Chair Siqueiros Chair


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