Alice Bonner Selected By Human Relations Commission to Receive Education Award

Alice Bonner has advanced positive human relations in Concord in profound ways.  Both in her volunteer and her professional life, she promotes understanding and active mutual support between community organizations and the school.  Alice served on the Martinez Unified School District School Board from 1989 to 1997, and was a member of that district's highly successful Education Foundation.  Since her employment in Mt. Diablo Unified School District in 1995, she has served as the College/Career Specialist at Olympic High School.  She counsels at-risk teens in academic progress, job and career development, college entrance and financial aid and develops and manages effective school-business partnerships with corporations, community agencies and service groups.

Through her work at Olympic in particular, she has been instrumental in bringing the support of the Concord community into arm's reach for thousands of deserving, eager students whose future prospects for successful work, education and social success were much improved through her efforts.  Through Alice's mentorship and stewardship, lasting relationships are built with powerful, caring adults.  Alice's work to bring community, human and financial resources to this population has the long-term effect of increasing positive human relations, human rights, success, positive regard and hope.

Currently, Alice is organizing school and community partners to establish an Alternative Education Foundation, which will greatly increase fundraising capacity for these essential programs into the future.  Alice's work extends well beyond her work hours because she loves what she does.

Alice has two daughters and will retire in June 2006 to pursue her next life chapter in Mendocino County with her husband Ric.  She plans to devote much of her time to the newly formed Mt. Diablo Alternative Education Foundation so she can continue to be connected to the youth of the Concord Area.

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